Difference between HVAC and Central AC

Air conditioning in your home was once only used for the sole purpose of cooling homes and offices during extremely hot Summer days where the heat would make the conditions unbearable. In the past years, air conditioning has evolved to include the function of heating as well as cooling.

HVAC system internal photo

The difference in Central AC (air conditioning) and HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) is really quite simple. One system is for cooling only – central AC and the other generally encompasses heating and cooling – HVAC.

The most noticeable difference between central AC systems and other systems is the duct system which connects cooled air in the compressor to each and every room in your home or office. This is not necessarily only for cooled air however and warmed air can be moved throughout your office or home in much the same way during the colder months.

The heating system would form part of the HVAC system. In effect, central AC is generally a small portion of an HVAC system.

There are differences in Central AC and full HVAC systems and it really is a very big decision to make when it comes to features that will make your home or office more comfortable. Whether to install the entire HVAC system to accommodate warm and cool weather conditions or whether to install only the cooling central AC are probably the biggest decision. Obviously, you would need to take into account the climate of the area in which you live and if it truly warrants the heating system of the HVAC or if basic central AC will be sufficient. Cost is also a major role player with the full feature HVAC costing a good few pennies more than the basic central AC. However, should you have the available funds and your conditions and surroundings warrant it, the full HVAC would be the obvious choice. Living in a desert region where the sun is you only enemy or where Winter is not even classified a season, then the obvious choice would be the basic Central AC functioning system.

Central AC and HVAC systems are quiet when in operation and keep the air in humid areas dry.
These systems always seem to keep the cleaner and more dust free, possible due to the fact that the air is not circulated from outside all the time but rather within the ducting in the house or office. Windows and doors remain closed leaving dust outside where it belongs. Keeping the windows and doors promotes the efficient functioning of the system as well as there is no interference from outside sources of air.

Central AC (air conditioning) and HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) are truly systems designed for with your comfort in mind. Once you have experienced the icy breeze or warm, tropical heat blasted from the ducts in your home or office, you will never want to be without it again.

Do your homework, research the best brand with the ideal qualities for you and always remember to have your system installed by qualified technicians who know what they are doing. Save yourself the hassle of unfinished work or a non-functioning unit. Using reputable dealers will also keep your warranty intact and save you money in the long term.

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